She asserted that Robin failed to speak about the brand new Phoenix EC so you can the lady

She asserted that Robin failed to speak about the brand new Phoenix EC so you can the lady

First, Gary conveyed concern about getting rid of the new declaration linking Khattab to Container Stuffed

Susan informed this new OIG you to she expected Martin and you will Robin if or not the fresh FBI got people information indicating people is actually sending men and women to the united states for journey knowledge, however, one to she are informed no. Martin informed the OIG he don’t keep in mind any such question out of Susan. Robin as well as told the latest OIG you to Susan never elevated the fresh new issue of whether or not Center Easterners have been learning U.S. airline colleges.

We questioned Susan whether she had check out the Phoenix EC given that September 11 and if it will have made a big difference to help you the woman view concerning Moussaoui FISA demand. Susan asserted that she very first read the Phoenix EC period shortly after Sep 11. She asserted that in the event that she had look at the Phoenix EC in the the time, she would was indeed worried sufficient from the Moussaoui to take the new count to an OIPR attorney’s interest. Centered on Susan, she either titled OIPR attorney “so you’re able to bounce one thing away from” them, in the place of delivering over a proper FISA consult, and you may would ask them “in which do you really believe the audience is?” Susan added that Moussaoui case nevertheless would have got “a comparable international strength facts” however, the Phoenix EC might have “influenced” her.

But not, she mentioned that when the she got see clearly till the appointment which have Martin and you will Robin, it would not have altered the woman thoughts concerning Moussaoui FISA request

Susan and additionally informed the latest OIG that she had not been alert in the course of their interviewing Martin and Robin you to definitely the newest Minneapolis FBI got wishing an extended EC concerning the Moussaoui circumstances. She stated that she considered that the actual situation “is actually changing” once the she spoke to Martin and Robin which she did perhaps not understand that paperwork is prepared. Continue Reading →